Sustainable school and public buildings procurement

Compliant with EU Procurement Directives and the Public Contract Regulations 2015, as well as the Wales Procurement Policy Statement, the SEWSCAP3 framework offers a swift route to market and opportunities for early contractor involvement, with a specific focus on attracting contractors of all sizes.

The framework draws upon years of shared learning between buyers and contractors, cultivating long term relationships in an environment of transparent mutual trust and co-operation.

Providing a fast and flexible procurement approach for buyers and contractors, the SEWSCAP3 platform enables 24/7 access to online guidance documents and the opportunity to take part in various working groups.

Socially responsible procurement

Focus on local training and employment

Seek partners in their local communities

Follow green and sustainable sourcing

Commit to ethical employment

Promote wellbeing of young and vulnerable

Think local first!

Financial benefits

  • Reduced contractor and user costs
  • Maximum capped fee, overhead and profit percentages
  • Further savings via mini-competition
  • Free to use
  • Variety of contracts
  • Variety of pricing models

Efficiency benefits

  • Flexible user-focused framework
  • Shorter lead times (compared to full OJEU)
  • Sector specific contractors
  • Stage 2 early contractor involvement available
  • 24/7 platform access
  • Framework Management Team support

Community benefits

  • Seeking local partners
  • Feeds into Future Generations Act
  • Access to local training
  • Supply chain sustainability
  • Green and sustainable sourcing
  • Committed to ethical employment
  • Promoting wellbeing of young & vulnerable

Best practice benefits

  • In depth user guides
  • Suite of uniform documentation
  • Guidance and legal advice
  • Performance management
  • Continuous improvement
  • Shared best practice and benchmarking
  • Collaboration with the NACF